Library for beginners

The Library for Beginners won the KIKLOP Award as Library of the Year in December 2004. More about the award: 10th book fair in Istria With the publication of the first English translation of Rius' booklet Marx para Principiantes (1976), Beginners became a world hit. It turned out that there are a large number of readers who are crying out for information on major topics that can be obtained, at the time, by a completely new revolutionary means - a book in comics. And so the Beginners were born - an excellent series of comic books that in a unique, inventive and understandable way deal with and explain complex natural and social phenomena, works of famous thinkers, basics of special sciences, world religions and other important topics from society, art, history and science. The authors of the texts are excellent experts and the books were illustrated by cult comic masters. All the key personalities and themes that have influenced the world we live in deliberately introduce the reader to the subject in word and image - and whoever studies everything will no longer truly be a beginner.
If you thought philosophy wasn’t for you - after studying a few comic boards in Beginners, you may not like it but you’ll understand it. If the terms chaos theory and quantum physics are as inconceivable to you as the size of the universe, with Beginners you may not quite become a theoretical physicist, but you will delve into the secret of the micro and macro cosmos. If you have never had time to read Kafka or Joyce or they seemed too incomprehensible to you, with Beginners you will become experts in their work and life, even if you don’t like them.

But you will definitely love all the Beginners topics because they are so brilliantly, simply and understandably written by everyone. Of course, for some Beginners are manuals, for some an introduction to the topic, and for some they can also serve as textbooks. Let’s say high school students will rewrite shalabahters from them, students will quickly make up for missed material, parents will patch holes in general culture, curious ones long for more, seniors will rejuvenate the spirit with the wit of text and illustrations. In addition, in almost every book, the authors refer you to a thorough literature on the subject, for those who wish to further study the field.

With Beginners you will no longer be a beginner in any topic! Christianity, Buddhism and Islam; philosophy, psychology, physics and biology; Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Hegel; Joyce, Chomsky, Lacan, Hawking, Foucault; the universe, time, feminism, and postmodernism… are just some of as many as fifty Beginners published so far.

Library editor: Jadranka Pintarić