Pharmacy: a library that does you good, or - what's next after the colon? Welcome to the Pharmacy, our new library. The headlines we will offer you under this calm, clean and tidy name want readers to feel better than before, or in other words, they want to establish order among some important concepts and natural phenomena. Here we will deal mostly with the theoretical approach to things; by examining and reflecting on the marginal areas and bridges between literary theory and philosophy, natural and social sciences, we will take a small dose of the theory of fine and musical arts but also some segments of everyday life, such as attitudes towards food or subjective feelings of happiness and melancholy. Unofficially, the library was named for its childish enjoyment of rhyme, and Jochen Hörisch's book "Theoretical Pharmacy" served as a trigger. Officially - because of the idea that some important categories such as kindness, education, skepticism, biodiversity or the meaning of life deserve to be the topics of the first titles. Behind the pharmacy counter, we will be served by masters who certainly know how to act curatively: Iris Murdoch, Terry Eagleton, Urs Sommer and Konrad Liessmann are announced for a start. This series of small but benevolent books is better than all the associations associated with the term pharmacy described by its logo: colon. After a colon, something always follows, someone wants to say something - and at the same time the minimalism of these two dots suggests modesty and restraint, which are among the most important qualities of all researchers. Join us in our new adventure and come to the Pharmacy. It won't hurt you.

Irena Miličić: editor