About us

Jesenski i Turk Publishing House was founded in 1997. More than six hundred titles published so far include major works of social sciences and humanities, current and already classic works in the field of popular science, as well as valuable essays, journalism and literary works. A number of libraries containing thematically or conceptually related titles can be searched via the menu on the left.

The profile of the house is quality literature selected and made with the idea of promoting a culture of reading and reflection through the popularization of certain areas, thematizing current social, political and cultural issues, promoting new quality authors with those already established, with special emphasis on quality and innovative overall presentation - concept, the content and visual identity of the book.

Jesenski i Turk Publishing

Jure Kaštelana 19
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel.: +385 1 3845 050

e-mail: naklada@jesenski-turk.hr
web: www.jesenski-turk.hr

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Mišo Nejašmić
general manager
tel. +385 1 3845 051
e-mail: mnejasmic@jesenski-turk.hr

Goran Batina
executive manager, editor
tel. +385 1 3845 051
e-mail: gbatina@jesenski-turk.hr

Monika Milić
tel. +385 1 3845 048
e-mail: mmilic@jesenski-turk.hr

Ognjen Strpić
tel. +385 1 3845 046
e-mail: ostrpic@jesenski-turk.hr