ISBN ISBN: 978-953-222-928-8
Binding Binding: soft
Year of issue Year of issue: 2021


Teme koje povezuju zbirku fotografija Hrvoja Polana – a pripadaju one među najživlje prikaze brutalnih vremena u kojima smo osuđeni živjeti – teme su granica, zidova i ljudi koji nastoje živjeti ili se kretati njima uzduž ili kroz njih poprijeko. Jedna, međutim, tema povezuje svaku sjenu i svaku zraku svjetla, svako lice, svaki blok betona i svaku vlat trave u prašini: upisivanje crta po zemljopisnoj karti, i obrana tih crta koju vode muškarci s puškama i ne samo njima, protiv onih koji na toj zemlji žive ili se pokušavaju kretati po njoj.

The themes that connect Hrvoje Polan’s collection of photographs – among the most vivid portrayals we have, of the brutal time in which we’re accursed to live - are those of borders, walls and people trying to live or move across and astride them. But one theme connects every shadow and ray of light, every face and breeze-block, every blade of grass in the dust: the drawing of lines on a map, and the defence of those lines by men with guns and more, against those who live on the land, or try to move across it. – Ed Vulliamy

Hrvoje je, kao i mnogi njemu slični, bolovao od opake bolesti – od ljudskosti.
Like many of his ilk, Hrvoje suffered from a grave illness – humanity. – Damir Šagolj

Hrvoje Polan (1971–2019), fotograf Zagreba. Radio je za Feral Tribune, a nakon toga za Reuters i Agence France Presse, pokrivajući socijalne sukobe i ostale događaje diljem svijeta. Održao je niz samostalnih i skupnih izložbi. Jedna od fotografija izložena mu je u njujorškom Muzeju moderne umjetnosti u okviru izložbe “100 best pictures of decade 2000-2010”.

Hrvoje Polan (1971–2019) was a photographer from Zagreb. He worked for the Feral Tribune, and subsequently for Reuters and Agence France Presse, covering social conflicts and other events around the world. His work has been showcased in several solo and group exhibitions, and one of his photographs is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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